Thursday, September 13, 2012

Headless below approaching storm

- i'm feeling lightheaded...
- take an umbrella...
- i already have a hat i don't need...
- true.....
- but, thanks for the umbrella. i don't want it to rain on my coat :)
- a mind is a terrible thing to lose...
- i know. i have it on my breast pocket, for safekeeping.
- do you really?
- until i find my head again
- :)
- will you help me with this quest?
- there is an old tale that tells the story of a man that lost his head only to find it in the fridge...cooling off...
- that's my next stop, then. I once found a horse's head on my bed, but that's because i messed with the mob.
- that's what you get...
-  it was tasty, nevertheless. i never throw away a gift, this one went to the oven. orange in mouth.
- don´t eat meat...
- it was a seitan horse.
- Thank God... or in this case thank Mob...
- did god create seitan?
- i belive He did kind Sir.
- wasn't seitan the first angel, who then became renegade and created hell?
- lol
- it was a nice pun
- very nice pun
- it's a result of my lightheadedness
- true story.
- do you really think so?
- i try not to think.
- you act on impulse?
- no, on pure energy.
- so, that's why there are umbrellas. you are the storm.

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